Tools for CSE courses

The following tools are integrated with Moodle and are available to courses of the School of Computer Science and Engineering (aka CSE):

  • CourseAdmin by Chana Slutzkin
    CourseAdmin is a sophisticated tool for grading and grade calculation.
    It offers many more features and much more versatility than the Moodle Gradebook.
    All editing is done in text files in subdirectory course-admin/results of the course home directory.
    If Error codes are used, penalties can be entered also through the Moodle Assignment PDF editor.
    There is a web interface for both teachers and students to view grades, grade breakdowns and grade distributions.
    Teachers release grades to students by signing an assignment.
    In the student view, students are identified by a PIN. A student's own grades are highlighted.

  • Bodek by Yair Yarom
    Bodek is a system for automatic testing of Students' programming assignments.
    Submission is through Moodle and consists of one archive file.
    Each time a Student submits, Bodek processes the contents of the archive.
    It generates a PDF file which is both mailed to the Student and placed in Moodle alongside his submission file.
    The PDF file consists of the contents of the archive (pretty-printed) and the output of the automatic presubmission test (if any).
    In addition, Bodek can run a final test on the submissions.
    The output is a PDF which placed in Moodle alongside any other feedback files.
    The final test can also generate a results file, accessible only to Teachers, for each submission.

  • Submitting to Moodle through GitHub
    GIT is a widely used source-code version control system
    If a Moodle assignment is configured to use CSE's GitHub GIT server, submitting to GitHub effectively submits also to Moodle.
    The submission to Moodle does not include a file. However, Bodek generates a PDF file from the contents of the student's GitHub repository and places it in Moodle (as described in section Bodek above).

  • Submitting grades to GR
    Exam and Final grades can be submitted to the faculty's GR grading system either through CourseAdmin or directly from Moodle.

Other features of CSE courses

  • Authentication is with CSE username and password or OTP.
    Note: If a user is already authenticated with Mispar Zehut and Kod Ishi, he is required to authenticate again in order to access a CSE course - even if the CSE course allows guest access.
  • Security level of OTP is considered higher than regular CSE password. Currently, a higher level is required only for submission of grades to the GR grading system.
  • Additional identity field CSE username in tables, profiles, searches of users, and Gradebook import
    Tables of users have an initials bar also for CSE username
  • Guest access (to a course, module or section): Restrict to CSE users, rather than HUJI users.
  • Additional Gradebook Export type CourseAdmin. Generates a file that can be used by the CSE CourseAdmin system.

Option Use CSE authentication in the course Settings determines whether the course is considered to be a CSE course.
Initially, it is set to Yes for courses in chug 521 (Computer Sciences) and 532 (Computer Science & Computational Biology), as well as course 76921.
It is set to No for courses in chug 511 (Applied Physics) and 587 (Computer Engineering & Applied Physics).
The option does not exist in other courses.
Grades can be submitted to GR from Moodle even when set to No.