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1. Notes

The following files in directory ~/course-admin/results are recognized by the CourseAdmin system.
Names in angle brackets are examples only.

grade-parameterslist of assignments e.g. <ex1>, exam
factorylist of formulas e.g. <magen>, final
configlist of configuration options
<ex1><ex1> grades and/or errors
<ex1>.errorcodes<ex1> errorcodes
exam1,2,3exam1,2,3 grades and/or errors
exam1,2,3.errorcodesexam1,2,3 errorcodes
targil.overrideoverride targil grades (calculated from weights)
exempt.overrideoverride exempt grades (calculated from weights)
<magen>.overrideoverride <magen> grade (calculated by formula)
final.overrideoverride final grades (calculated from weights or by formula)
final1,2,3.overrideoverride final1,2,3 grades (calculated from weights or by formula)
finalfinal grades and/or errors
final.errocodesfinal errorcodes
final1,2,3final1,2,3 grades and/or errors
final1,2,3.errorcodesfinal1,2,3 errorcodes


  • exam1,2,3 implies exam1, exam2 or exam3. Likewise for final1,2,3
  • All types of file allow comments i.e. everything from # until the end of the line is ignored (unless the # is within braces).

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