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Submitting grades to GR from CourseAdmin

Table of contents

1. In brief:

Grades can be submitted to the faculty GR grading system either from the Moodle Gradebook or from CourseAdmin.
For instructions on submitting from the Moodle Gradebook, see Submitting grades to GR from Moodle.
Following are instructions for submitting from CourseAdmin.

In brief:

Click on submit to GR at the bottom of the CourseAdmin page (linked from the course name in the CourseAdmin grades block.

  • Only Exam and Final grades can be submitted to GR.
  • Only grades of students registered through Minhal Talmidim are submitted to GR.
    (Students who are not registered through Minhal Talmidim are marked with an asterisk on most pages of the Moodle Assignment, Quiz and Gradebook)
  • Missing grades are not submitted.
    Grades of zero are not normally submitted. But see Configuration options.
  • Grades can be changed and resubmitted at any time. However, a grade cannot be retracted.

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