Tools for CSE courses

Configuration options

To change options from their default values, create file config and add an entry for each option you wish to change.
An entry consists of an option name followed by an option value.

assignment_fail49fail grade for assignment
targil_fail49fail grade for ''targil''
exam_fail49fail grade for exam
formula_fail49fail grade for formula
final_fail59fail grade for course
min_score0minimum score for assignment or exam
max_score1000maximum score for assignment or exam
multiple_entriesfalsetrue = allow more than one entry per student in task file/s
multiple_filesfalsetrue = allow more than one file per task
strict_exemptfalsefalse = ignore ungraded assignments when calculating exempt grade
explicitfalsetrue = mark exempt and ungraded assignments EXEMPT and N/A
allow_zerofalsetrue = allow a grade of zero to be submitted to GR
See Final grades for explanation of *_fail options.
See Grading an assignment for explanation of multiple_* options.

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