Tools for CSE courses

Submission through Moodle

In the Moodle Assignment settings page:
  • In section General, set the CourseAdmin assignment name
  • In section Submissions type, check field Only a Bodek archive file. (Click on its help help icon for more help.)
  • A Student can submit more than once (unless field Require students click submit button is set to Yes).
    Set field Maximum Bodek submissions to limit the number of times a Student can submit.
The file submitted by the Student must be a jar, zip or tar archive file.
It can be compressed with bzip2 or gzip (i.e. extension tgz is allowed).
It is stored as ~/course-admin/submissions/<assignment>/<login> where assignment is the CourseAdmin assignment name and login is the Student's username.
The PDF file generated by Bodek is stored as ~course/course-admin/bodek/assignments/<assignment>/presubmission/pdf/<login>.pdf.
It is available in Moodle (to both Student and Teachers), alongside the submitted file, as submission.pdf.