Tools for CSE courses

Creating a new assignment

Table of contents

1. Weights

To create an assignment for grading, add an entry to file grade-parameters.
An entry consists of one or two fields:
  • The first field is the assignment name. A leading asterix indicates that the assignment is compulsory. See Final grades
  • The second field, which is optional, is the weight.
If there is an exam, a single entry exam should be created (even if there is more than one Moed).
Either all entries, or all entries except exam, or no entries, should have a weight.
Entries can be created up front, or as needed.
Weights need not (and generally should not) be entered until all assignments have been graded.


Weights are positive numbers.
Only the relative weights are significant.
If all assignments (i.e. entries other than exam) have a weight:
  • Grade exempt is replaced by the weighted average of graded assignments. See Configuration options
  • Grade targil is automatically calculated when all assignments have been graded. The targil grade may be used to calculate the final grade by formula. See Using formulas
If also the exam entry has a weight:
  • Grades final1, final2 and final3 are automatically calculated when also exam1, exam2 and exam3 have been graded
The targil, exempt or e.g. final1 grade can be overridden for particular students by creating file targil.override, exempt.override or final1.override respectively, with entries for just those students.