FAQ for students

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How can I know if there is a new forum post?

There are several ways to be alerted to new forum posts:

  • You can arrange to be sent mail and/or to get an alert on your Mobile:
    Ensure that you haven't checked Disable notifications in your Notification preferences and that Subscribed forum posts is enabled for Email and Mobile
    Firstly Subscribe to the forum by clicking on option Subscribe to this forum in the Forum administration block.
    To get alerts also on your Mobile, you will need the Mobile app with an account on this year's Moodle. See How do I use the Moodle Mobile app?

    1. You are normally automatically subscribed to the News forum but not to other forums.
      However, it is possible that the teacher changed a forum such that you cannot subscribe or unsubscribe, or are subscribed automatically
    2. If you prefer to be alerted just once a day, choose to get a digest in your Forum preferences
    3. On the main forum page, you can choose not to be subscribed to a particular discussion

  • You can see unread posts in your Dashboard, or see the number of unread posts on the course page
    Ensure that you haven't disabled Forum tracking in your Forum preferences or for the particular forum.
    • On the main course page, if there are any unread posts in the forum, the number of unread posts is shown
    • To arrange to see unread posts in your Dashboard:
      1. Click on Customize this page
      2. In block Add a block, click on Add... and select Discussion Feed
      Note: If you are enrolled to many courses, this may slow down loading of your Dashboard
Note: You can get to Notification preferences or Forum preferences by clicking on your name at top-right of any page and selecting Preferences