FAQ for teachers

What is Support for Moadim?

At the Hebrew University, as in most other universities and technological colleges in Israel, students get more than one chance to take an exam.
The final grade for the course is usually determined by the student's grade in his most recent attempt.
However, Moodle must present the student's grade in each of the exams that he took and his final grades based on each of those exams.
This presents a problem that Moodle HQ never envisaged:
The Moodle Gradebook is a hierarchy (aka tree) of items.
The grade at each node is based on the grades in items below it.
What is required, here in Israel, is the possibility of alternative grades at some of the nodes.
For this reason, we have introduced Support for Moadim in the HUJI Moodle Gradebook
Support for Moadim enables one to specify how the final grade is determined from the exam grade and other grades.
(i.e. one specification that applies to all Moadim).
Enabling Support for Moadim automatically creates exam and final grade items for each Moed.
A final grade is generated for each moed in which the student has an exam grade.
For more information, see the Gradebook miniguide