FAQ for teachers

Extensions are granted automatically in EXAM Moodle. Why not in HUJI Moodle?

They may not always be wanted in HUJI Moodle.
However, you can arrange extensions yourself by creating a group and using a Group override.
If there are a large number of students entitled to an extension, you can import them from EXAM Moodle as follows:

In EXAM Moodle, on the Participants page:

  • Select item 'Role: Extension 25%' or Role: Extension 50% from the menu at the top of the page**
    These are the students granted an extension by Minhal Talmidim.
    Note the small E or F alongside their name or ID.
  • Click on the first button at the bottom of page (Select all or Select all users).
  • Select List ID numbers from the With selected users.. menu.
  • Copy the ID numbers to a file.
In HUJI Moodle:
  • Create a group e.g. Extension 25%.
  • Go to Bulk enrolments (under Users in the Course Administration block).
  • Add ,Extension 25% to each line of the file downloaded from EXAM Moodle.
  • Add a header line to the top of the file e.g ID,group.
  • Upload the file.
  • Now create an appropriate Group override in the quiz

**Note:There may be additonal items Role: Extension 25% (local) and Role: Extension 50% (local).
These are the equivalent roles assigned manually in the course itself.