FAQ for teachers

Why can't a student submit a file to an assignment?

There are several possible reasons that a student may be unable to submit a file to an Assignment.

  • If he has no Add submission or Edit submission link, then the Cut-off date (in section Availability of the Settings) has passed.
    Alternatively, his Extension due date (under Grant extension in the student's Edit dropdown menu on the View/grade all assignments page) has passed.
  • If when he clicks on Add submission or Edit submission there is no filepicker, then File submissions has not been enabled (in section Submission types of the Settings).
  • If when he clicks on Upload this file in the filepicker, error The file is larger than the maximum size allowed pops up, the value of field Maximum submission size (in section Submission types of the Settings) is too small.
  • If when he clicks on Save changes, error Pagesize of PDF file ... is larger than standard is returned, the pagesize is larger than A4. The settings on the scanner must be adjusted.
  • If when he clicks on Save changes, error PDF file ...has errors. If it was scanned, try scanning it again is returned, the file was probably was generated by the CamScanner app for mobile phones.
    Occasionally, files generated by CamScanner require obscure fonts that are not available on the server.
    (A scanned file should not require any fonts, but some advanced scanning apps use OCR (optical character recognition) to minimize the size of the file.)
    If scanning again does not help, an alternative app such as Google drive, Scanbot or Genius scan should be used.
Note: Rejection of PDF files that are larger than A4, or that require obscure fonts, is a HUJI feature.
Both types of file are problematic for Moodle's built-in PDF editor used for grading.
If the pagesize is too large, the PDF editor can display only part of the page at a time.
If it requires an obscure font, the PDF editor cannot display a page that requires the font or the pages following it.