FAQ for teachers

How do I copy h5p activities between instances of Moodle?

Unfortunately, h5p activities are often broken when copied between instances of Moodle using Copy from Moodle or Moodle's Backup and Restore.
However, individual activities can be copied using h5p's own facilities as follows:

  • In the original activity:
    • Click on the Reuse button at the bottom of the page
    • In the popup that opens, click on Download as an .h5p file
  • In the course to which you wish to copy the activity:
    • Create an h5p activity
    • In the Select content type window, click on the Upload link and upload the downloaded .h5p file
    • Click on one of the Save buttons
Note: If Moodle's Backup and Restore of h5p activities is not fixed, I will consider fixing Copy from Moodle.