FAQ for teachers

Can I set Assignment  and Quiz dates by group?

In the Assignment, one can set an opening date, Due date and/or a Cut-off date.

The Due date is significant only in that submissions after that date are clearly marked as late.

(It is also the only one of these three dates shown in the Calendar  and the list of Assignments reached from the Activities block.)

Also, the Late penalty (a HUJI feature) is calculated from the Due date.

The Due date can be overridden for an individual student by selecting Grant extension from the student's Edit dropdown menu in the View/grade all submissions page.

If a student's Due date is overridden, he will be able to submit if either this date or the general Cut-off date has not yet been reached.

The Assignment does not have an option to set dates by group. (This was a HUJI feature in Moodle1.)

Following are some workarounds:

  • Override the date of each student in one or more groups. (If the Group mode in Edit settings is set to something other than No groups, the View/grade all submissions page can show submissions by group.)
  • Create a Grouping for each Group and create separate Assignments for each group. Set the Grouping of each Assignment.
  • Restrict access by date and group. This has the disadvantage that students will not be able to see the grader's Feedback comments and Response files when they do not have access. They will, however, be able to see their grades in the Gradebook.

In the Quiz, one can set opening and closing dates.

Both dates, as well as the time limit and various other options, can be overridden both per group and per user:

Click on Group overrides and User overrides under Quiz administration.