FAQ for teachers

Can I combine the best of the Assignment and the Workshop?

The Workshop is a powerful tool for peer assessment.
However, it doesn't have many of the features of the Assignment - including many useful for submission.
For example:

  • Fine control over when students can submit (From, Due and Cut-off dates), including User and Group overrides
  • Option to allow a student to declare that he will submit after the Due date (HUJI feature)
  • Automatic calculation and deduction of a Late penalty (HUJI feature)
  • Automatic testing of submission files, both pre- and post- submission (HUJI feature, CSE only)
  • Option to submit in groups, including allowing students to choose partners (HUJI feature)
As a new experimental feature here at HUJI, one can now import Assignment submissions into the Workshop.
It can be done as follows:
  • Create a Workshop and switch to the submission phase
  • Select one of the Assignments from menu Import submissions from Assignment menu and click on button Import
  • Switch to the assessment phase
  • Allocate submissions for assessment

Group submissions

The Workshop does not natively support group submissions.
However, if the imported Assignment was configured to allow group submissions, then the Workshop will also support group submissions as follows:
  • Only one submission per group is imported to the Workshop - as if just one member of the group submitted.
    (If the Assignment option Allow students to choose partners is enabled, this will be the group leader.)
    However, all members of the group are awarded the same Workshop grade for submission.
  • When allocating submissions randomly (tab Random allocation), by default each student that submitted, including those that submitted in groups, are allocated submissions for assessment.
    (This is so even if option Participants can assess without having submitted anything is disabled.)
    However, if option Group assessments is enabled, submissions are allocated only to the group leader.
    In that case, any member of the group can assess the submissions and all members of the group are awarded the same Workshop grade for assessment.