How can I test my course?

Switching role to Student allows you to see what a student would see.

It does not generally allow you to participate as a student e.g. to submit an Assignment.

When switching role is insufficient to test your course, and if you do not have an acquaintance to whom you can temporarily assign the role of Student, use one of the Test user accounts .

Several Test user accounts are available. Contact the Moodle administrator for details. 

Enrol a Test user to your course as you would any other user. See the first question in this FAQ.   
Test user must supply the Access key for test users before he can access the course.
The Access key for test users is set in the course Settings page.
(If it is not set, Test users will be denied access to the course.)
Note: Test users cannot enrol themselves to any course.

To test a course before it is available to students, or any item while it is hidden, assign the Additional role of X-ray eyes to the Test user.