Can multiple graders work offline simultaneously?

Two problems with grading offline:

  1. If two graders both Export all grades from the Gradebook,  make various grade changes and then Import  grades back, the second import wipes out all changes made in the first. 
    Note: The 
    Gradebook will accept the second import only if Force import is checked. 
    Similarly in the
    Assignment if two graders Download grading worksheet, make grade changes and then Upload grading worksheet. (Available when Offline grading worksheet  is checked in section Feedback types of the Settings.
  2. In the Assignment, if there are many students and/or large submission files it can be very slow, or even impossible, for a grader to Upload multiple feedback files in a zip  over a slow upload connection (if he has not taken the trouble to include only submissions that he has marked).

Two solutions:

  • Divide the students into groups  - either manually or randomly using Auto-create groups*  -and allocate each group to a different grader.
    • In the Gradebook:  Each grader selects his allocated group from the menu at the top of the page**.  Only grades of members of the selected group are exported.
    • In the AssignmentSet the Group mode of the Assignment to something other than No groups.  Each grader selects his allocated group from the menu at the top of the page.The Download all submissions and Download grading worksheet  files include only members of the selected group
  • In the Assignment  use Marking workflow***:
    • In the Settings, in section Grades, check Use marking workflow and Use marking allocation.
    • Allocate the students to graders as follows:
      In the View/grade all submissions page, select all the students to be allocated to one grader. You can select students randomly as follows:
      • Temporarily divide the students into random groups (using Auto-create groups*)
      • Temporarily set the assignments's Group mode to Visible groups or Separate groups
      • Select one of the random groups from the groups menu and select all students
    Then pick Set allocated marker from the With selected...  menu
    (Alternatively, set the markers in the student's individual grading pages.)
  • In the View/grade all submissions  page, graders select their own name from Marker filter menu and select Download filtered submissions**** from the Grading action menu at the top of the page
  • Release grades to students:  In the View/grade all submissions  page, select students and pick Set marking workflow from the With selected... menu. Alternatively, set the marking status in the student's individual grading pages.

* The option to Auto-create groups is in the Groups page, under Users in the Course administration block

** In HUJI Moodle, the menu exists even when the course group mode is No groups

*** Marking workflow is a collection of options for supervising and coodinating the work of graders. See

**** The Download filtered submissions option is a HUJI Moodle feature