Tools for CSE courses

Final grades

Source of final grades

Final grades are calculated:
  • From assignment and exam weights (if weights are defined in the grade-parameters file), or
  • By formula (if a factory file exists), or
  • From file final, final1, final2 or final3 (if it exists) and its related errocodes file (if it exists)
All final grades that can be calculated are shown in the webpage. The columns appear in the order listed above. The grade submitted to GR for a particular moed is the last one listed that can be calculated for that moed (i.e. the rightmost column named final, final1, final2 or final3, respectively, in the webpage).

Note: A final grade is calculated, whether from weights or by formula, only if the student has a grade in all compulsory assignments and in the exam for that moed (if there is one).
Likewise, a final grade is calculated by formula only if the student has a grade in all compulsory formulas.

Adjustments to final grades

The final grade will be reduced to a failing grade (59) if the student has got a failing grade (49) or less in any of the compulsory assignments or compulsory formulas or the targil or the exam (if there is one).
See Creating a new assignment and Using formulas.

The failing grade and critical grades have been fixed by CSE departmental directives but are configurable. See Configuration options