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CourseAdmin penalties in Moodle

If Use CourseAdmin penalties is checked in section Feedback types of an assignments Settings, then the grade for the assignment is automatically calculated from comments (added by the grader in the PDF editor) that are valid CourseAdmin penalty expressions, as specified in Grading an assignment.
Penalties (including page number, value, and comment) are listed instead of the grade in both the Grader and Student views of a submission.
If Show CourseAdmin penalties is checked in the View/grade all submissions page, penalties are listed instead of grades there also.

The Grader and Student views of penalties differ:
- In listings and the online PDF, Graders see the comments as entered.
- Students see the processed comments (as shown in the CourseAdmin website).
- In penalty lists, Students see only legal penalties.
Note: The generated feedback PDF shows the processed comments.

Comments are listed in order of page and position. Background color is preserved.
For Graders, font color is as follows:

  Legal penalty
  No such penalty code
  Not a legal penalty

A CourseAdmin grade file may be generated by selecting Export penalties to CourseAdmin from the Grading action menu.
Only Legal penalties are included in the grade file.

If changes are made to the CourseAdmin errorcodes file, feedback PDFs can be rebuilt by selecting Regenerate feedback PDFs from the Grading action menu.

Note: Whereas Moodle takes CourseAdmin assignment names and errorcodes from from the CourseAdmin preview files, the student's view of the CourseAdmin site is based on the signed files