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BYOD - instructions for students

1. In brief
2. Install Safe Exam Browser (SEB)
3. Launch Safe Exam Browser
4. Connect to the exams-test network
5. Check your SEB
6. If you lose WIFI connectivity...
7. Troubleshooting

לגרסה העברית לחץ כאן

Information on BYOD for teachers is available as part of the EXAM Moodle Miniguide
Advice to Windows users
We recommend creating a Restore Point before installing SEB.
You will then be able, if necessary, to revert your Windows installation to its state before you installed SEB.
Note: Reverting to a Restore point affects only the registry, drivers, system and program files - not your files and data.
The steps in setting up a Restore point, beginning at Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsRecover, are roughly as follows: Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5
Fuller instructions, for your version of Windows, can be found elsewhere.

We also recommend saving files in other open applications before opening SEB.
If SEB locks on a red screen, you may have to power cycle your laptop:
Power it off by pressing for several seconds on the power button. Then power it on again.

Warning for MacOS users
If you close your laptop while working in SEB, your laptop may lock on a red screen.
To unlock, forcibly shutdown your laptop.
When you restart, choose not to restart applications.
Next time you use SEB, make sure to start it from the HUJI-MacOS-2.1.4.seb file - not from Applications.
Consider creating an account especially for SEB and using SEB in that account only.

In brief
  1. Install Safe Exam Browser 2.4 for Windows or Safe Exam Browser 2.1.4 for MacOS.
  2. Download the HUJI configuration file: HUJI-Windows-2.4.seb or HUJI-MacOS-2.1.4.seb.
  3. Double click on the downloaded file to launch SEB.
  4. Check that SEB opens on the EXAM Moodle page and that there is a Quit SEB link at bottom right.
  5. If your EXAM is on the exams-test network, connect to it before launching SEB. Check that EXAM net (exams-test) appears above the Quit SEB link

In more detail:

Install Safe Exam Browser (SEB)
  1. On your laptop, install Safe Exam Browser from the SEBIcon_40_2x.png SEB Download page, or as follows: Opening Safe Exam Browser from Programs (or Applications) will start SEB with the default configuration.
    However, you will need to use SEB with the HUJI configuration. So...
  2. Download the HUJIhujiSEB configuration file as follows:
*Important note: The above Safe Exam Browser 2.4 for Windows executable and HUJI-Windows-2.4.seb configuration file are SEB version 2.4.
If you have already have SEB version 2.3 installed, you can continue using it with the previous version of the HUJI SEB configuration file.
(Now available at HUJI-Windows-2.3.seb, previously named HUJI-Windows.seb.)

Launch Safe Exam Browser
To open SEB with the HUJI configuration, double click on the downloaded HUJI SEB configuration file .
  • On MacOS a popup will appear:
    "Safe Exam Browser" is an app downloaded from the Internet.
    Are you sure you want to
    open it?
    Click on Open.
  • In both Windows and MacOS, after SEB opens a popup will appear:
    SEB Re-Configured
    New settings have been saved,
    they will be used when you start SEB next time again.
    Do you want to start
    working with SEB or quit for now?
    Whether you choose to quit or continue, the HUJI configuration will be saved.
    So from now on, SEB in Programs (or Applications) will also use the HUJI configuration.
    Note: This popup will appear only when you open SEB from the configuration file rather than from Programs (or Applications).

SEB should open on the EXAM Moodle login page.
There should be a Quit SEB link at bottom right.
If not, you are not using the HUJIhujiSEB configuration file.
If you are using an old version of the configuration file, or an old version of SEB, there will be an error message at bottom right.
If so, install the latest configuration file, or latest version of SEB, and try again.

Connect to the exams-test network
  • Ensure that your laptop is connected to the correct wireless network for the exam that you will be taking.
    You will be probably be required to use the exams-test network.
    Authentication to the exams-test network is with username moodle_exams and password exams_moodle.
    Connect to the exams-test network before opening SEB.
    Check that EXAM net (exams-test) appears above the Quit SEB link.
    Note: Only EXAM Moodle is accessible from the exams-test network.

Check your SEB
  1. First, set up your demo exam as follows:
    1. In any browser, on any computer, go to:
    2. Authenticate

  2. Now, attempt the demo exam as follows:
    On your laptop:
    1. Connect to the exams-test network (if you chose the first of the above two links).
    2. Launch Safe Exam Browser. The EXAM Moodle login page should open.
      There should be a Quit SEB link at bottom right. If not, you are not using the HUJI SEB configuration.
      If you are using an old version of SEB, or an old version of the HUJI SEB configuration file, there will be an error message at bottom right.
      If you are connected on the exams-test network, EXAM net (exams-test) will appear above the Quit SEB link.
  3. Authenticate
  4. If you correctly installed SEB and the SEB file (and are connected to the exams-test network if you chose the first link), you will be redirected to the demo exam.
    Otherwise, EXAM Moodle will exit with an error message.
  5. Clicking on Finish exam and then on Submit exam will redirect you back to the login page.
  6. Click on link Quit SEB* at bottom right of the login page to close SEB.
  7. Connect back to your previous network.
You can do the demo exam as often as you wish, but each time you must first set it up.
*Note: The Quit SEB link appears only in SEB and only if opened with the HUJI configuration.

Note for Teachers: If your demo exam prevents you accessing EXAM Moodle in the usual way, you can delete it at https://exam2.cs.huji.ac.il/byodemo/delete

If you lose WIFI connectivity...
If there is a temporary disruption in the WIFI then, if you click on a button or link, a popup will open and all the buttons will be disabled.
To enable them again, click on link Recover from lost connection - התאוששות מתקלת תקשורת until connectivity is restored.
(If you are not on the exams-test network, click on Finish exam... - סיום הבחינה...).
Do not reload the page - unless you don't mind losing anything on that page that you haven't yet saved.

  • On Windows, it can happen that the first time you click on the HUJI SEB configuration file after downloading it,
    the EXAM Moodle login page shows the Quit SEB link but on subsequent occasions, a popup opens with message:
    SEB Installation is corrupted
    SEB found irregular files in its program directory.
    These might have ben left from an older SEB version is an update failed.
    Uninstall SEB using the Windows Control Panel,
    afterwards delete the SafeExamBrowser subdirectory from the Program files (x86) directory
    and re-install this SEB version freshly.
    List of spare files....
    Also, the EXAM Moodle login pages opens without the Quit SEB link.
    If this happens, it is most likely because your anti-virus has changed the SEB configuration. (The error message is misleading.)
    The list of "spare files" may include the names of some of the anti-virus files.
    You will have to reset your laptop to get out of SEB.
    If you cannot uninstall your anti-virus, you will not be able to do the exam using BYOD. (Temporarily neutralizing the anti-virus does not seem to help.)

  • On Windows, if an older version of SEB is already installed, you will have to uninstall it before installing the later version.
    If you have trouble uninstalling, then try deleting the following directories:
    • C:\Program Files(x86)\SafeExamBrowser\SebWindowsBrowser
    • C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\SafeExamBrowser
    • C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\eqsoft\seb
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\ETH Zuerich\SEB Windows 1.8