How to add a test user?

Sometimes we want to see how things look from the students eye. The option "Switch role to..." (from the menu at the top banner) is a quick and good solution but has it's limitations (for instance, you can't participate in some activities and get a grade). In case we need a better option we can login as a test user, which is almost as login as a student, only that this user is not belong to anyone.

To start using a test user we need to perform three preliminary steps:

1. Enroll at least one of the 5 test users (named Test User 1 to 5) to your course as students.

2. Go to the definitions page of the course, and set an access key for test users (this key ensures that other users who use the test user can't access your course without your permission):

3. Sign in to Moodle using one of the test users that you enrolled. Use 'test1' as the username for Test User 1, and so with 2-5 for the other test users. The password is always: '.' (dot).

and you good to go!

From now on, we only need to login (step 3) when we want to see the course as students.

Last modified: Thursday, 1 August 2019, 09:25