Zoom is an online Video Conference technology. It is recommended for use when both lecturer and students are connected to computers, and when classroom discussion is an essential part of the lesson. The guide below will detail the steps required to add and use Zoom video conferencing through your course Moodle site.

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Add the Zoom tool to the course site

Note! This should be done only once in a course, and not for every meeting.

  1. Click Turn editing on
  2. Click Add resource or activity
  3. From the Activities menu, select ZOOM (New) and click Add
  4. On the page that opens, title the activity and click Save Changes

If this is the first time you add a ZOOM activity, enter your email address to complete the account opening on the Zoom application. You may need to enter your email to verify your account.

Congratulations! You have a Zoom-university account, and you can start hosting videos sessions!

Note: The sessions must be created through your Moodle course site, as explained in the next section of the guide, in order to enjoy the benefits of the university license

Create a meeting

Enter the activity you added on the course Moodle site and look for the green button - Schedule a New Meeting. In the window that opens, fill in the details of the meeting:

  1. Topic - Name your Zoom meeting (this name will be shown to participants)
  2. Description - Add a synopsis (synopsis will also be shown to participants)
  3. When - Enter the date and time of your Zoom session
  4. Duration - Enter how long the session will last
  5. Audio - Determine that participants can join the meeting only from their computer (that includes the ZOOM app on a mobile phone)
  6. Meeting Options - It is recommended to leave the defaults
  7. Alternative Hosts - If you enter an email address of any user in this field, they will be able to manage the session on your behalf. They will also get an email that notifies them about that

Click Save.

Your Zoom meeting was created successfully!

Join the meeting

Make sure you have ZOOM software installed on your computer (if not, download and install now).

  1. Click the Start button next to the meeting you created
  2. Authorize your browser to run ZOOM software
  3. The meeting window will open and your computer will offer you a meeting using the computer audio components - do it! (Click Join with Computer Audio)

That's it, you're in!

Meeting Management

Get to know the meeting window::

  1. At every stage in the conversation, you can press Mute in order to mute yourself and Stop Video in order to stop the visual transmission
  2. By default (if you created the meeting through Moodle), the meeting is recorded to the cloud, and you will see two buttons that let you stop or pause the recording. If for some reason the recording is off, you can start it by clicking the Record button, and choose to save it to the cloud
  3. The participant management window enables you to mute participants /allow participants to speak. As a default, all of the participants' microphones are open, but at every point in time you can change this for a particular participant or for all of the participants. To do this, click Manage Participants in the lower tool ruler, and then click All Mute in the window that will open, or select a participant from the list, and mute him/her only.
    In the course of a session, the participants can raise their hands and ask for permission to speak by pressing Raise Hand. In such a case, you will see a notification about the Raise Hand in the Participant management screen. You can cancel raising hands by pressing Lower all Hands
  4. You can display documents, presentations or videos from your computer by pressing Share Screen, which is on the lower tool bar, and selecting a window that will open in a specific application that you wish to share. If you wish to share videos or sound files, mark the box Share Computer Sound. You can also share a Whiteboard to write freely on the screen. To stop sharing your screen, click Stop Share
Uploading recordings for the course

If you have been following the instructions so far, as a default, your meeting will be recorded in it's entirety to a ZOOM cloud. It will then undergo processing, and from there, it will be transmitted directly to the Panopto site. The entire process will probably take about 24 hours, but when the process is complete, you will receive a notification to your email address, informing you that the video is ready for viewing:

In the above-mentioned notification, there will be links to the ZOOM cloud. There is no point clicking on these links because your recording is no longer there. Instead, proceed in the following manner:

  1. Log in to the course site to which the recording belongs.
  2. Go to the Panopto block and click Course settings. You will now be directed to the Panopto site.
  3. Close the settings window that will appear with an X at the top left.
  4. Using the menu on the left, navigate to the My folder and within this folder go to the Meeting recordings folder.
  5. Mark the recording (or recordings) in the box on the top left, and click Move on the row of buttons on top.
  6. In the box that opens above select the folder with the name of the course to which the recordings belong. It is recommended to start typing the course ID (or part of its name) for a quick finding of the folder.
  7. Click Move
That's it.  The recordings have been moved to your course site, and they are available to students on the Panopto block on the course site.

A few things that you should know:

By default, the files uploaded to Panopto cannot be downloaded. These files can only be viewed. If you want to make sure that this is so, you can return to step 3 above, and instead of closing the window, make sure that in the Download enabled field, you selected the No one option:

To edit the recordings before moving them to the course site within the Panopto site Click on the pencil beneath the recording file:

Watch meeting reports

When the meeting ends, you can watch the attendance reports via your course site in Moodle:

  1. Navigate to you course in Moodle
  2. Enter the ZOOM activity you created (You should have only one - see the note at the top of this guide)
  3. Choose the tab Previous meetings
  4. Find the requested meeting, and click Reports

You will see a list of the participants, along with join and leaving time, and the duration of their presence.

Need help? For support, please contact the Computing Division’s Support Center
Good luck!

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