How do I login to Moodle?

All users can authenticate with their 8-digit ID Number (i.e. with leading zeroes and without checksum) as username, and Kod Ishi (Personal Code, 4 or 5 digits) as password.

CSE users can authenticate also with their CSE username and either their UNIX password or an OTP (One-Time Password). These are considered to be higher levels of authentication.

Most CSE courses (mainly hugim 521 and 532) require a higher level of authentication. (This is configurable for CSE courses.)

Submission of grades to the GR grading system (currently available only to CSE courses) requires OTP.

When one's current level of authentication is too low for the required action, the user is redirected to the login page where the level of authentication required is clearly indicated.

Note: A few courses are open to guests i.e. do not require authentication. (Guests can view but not participate in such courses.)  For CSE courses that are open to guests, if the user is authenticated with ID and Kod Ishi, he is required to reauthenticate at a higher level. This is somewhat inconsistent but avoids him believing that his is a participant when, in effect, he is a guest. 

Kod Ishi: Students can find their Kod Ishi in the Pinkas Tashlumim (paying-in slips) and salaried workers in the Tlush Maskoret (salary slip). Other users should contact Rama (02-6584413), Ayeleth (02-6584475) or Vladimir (02-6585619) of the Computation Authority. (A user who is both a student and a salaried worker can use the Kod Ishi from either his Pinkas Tashlumi or his Tlush Maskoret.)

CSE username and password: 
Students registered to any of the CSE hugim (327, 511, 520, 521, 532, 582, 586 and 587), or any course that requires a higher level of authentication, can open a CSE account. Instructions for opening an account are automatically mailed as soon as one is registered. If you have forgotten you CSE username, contact the CSE System Group. If you have forgotten your password, come to the CSE System room, Rothberg level 1. Register your cellphone as your OTP generator, or request OTP by SMS at http://hotp.cs.huji.ac.il