Can students submit Assignments in groups?

To allow students to choose their own partners, simply enable Students submit in groups  and Allow students to choose partners in  the Assignment settings. 
Obviously a Student cannot add or remove a partner that already has a partner or has already submitted.
Note: Currently, the number of partners cannot be restricted.
This option is a HUJI feature.

The following instructions are relevant only if you choose not to use option Allow students to choose partners .

Suppose we want to create an assignment named e.g. Targil1 to be submitted in pairs

First create the groups:

  • Click on link Groups under item Users of the Course administration section of the Administration block
  • To allow students to choose their own partners:
    • Click on button Create group
    • In field Group name, enter e.g. Targil1 - group A
    • Click on button Save changes
    • Repeat last three steps, varying the name of the group, until there are sufficient groups.
    • Click on tab Groupings
    • Click on button Create grouping
    • In field Grouping name enter e.g. Targil1 groups 
    • Click on button Save changes
    • Click on icon groups" of the new grouping entry
    • Select the groups just created and click on button Add
  • Alternatively, to assign partners randomly:
    • Click on button Auto-create groups
    • In field Naming scheme, enter e.g. Targil1 - group @
    • Set field Auto created base on to Members per group
    • Set field Group/members count to e.g. 2
    • Set field Grouping of auto-created groups to New grouping
    • Set field Grouping name to e.g. Targil1 groups
    • Click on Submit


Now, if the students are allowed to choose their own partners, create a Group choice activity:

  • In field Group choice name enter e.g. Targil1 group choice
  • Set field Limit the number of responses allowed to Enable
  • Set field General  limitation to e.g. 2 if assignment is to be submitted in pairs
  • In filed Groups, under Available groups, select Targil1 groups and click on button Add grouping


Finally, create the Assignment activity:

  • In field Assignment name,enter e.g. Targil1
  • In section Group submission settings:
    • Set field Students submit in groups to Yes
    • Set field Grouping for student groups to Targil1 groups

Note: If assignments are submitted in groups, then the Download all submissions grading action, downloads only one file (or set of files) per group.
Likewise, the Upload multiple feedback files in a zip grading action, uploads the feedback file/s to  all members of the group.

This is a HUJI feature.