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Meet Moodle!

Moodle is the online teaching system at the Hebrew University. Each academic course has a separate site in the system, and students and teachers can edit it and use it to conduct all online course activities. These activities typically include uploading reading materials and exercises, sending messages to students, and online submission of computerized assignments and quizzes. The Moodle can include an even wider variety of options.

What follows are explanations for basic actions so you can get started with your Moodle site.

Please note! In order to edit the course’s front page, you must activate "Edit mode" by pressing the button on the top left.

Making the Course Available

The first time you sign into your course, you will be able to see your course and your students will not (you can see this because the name of the course at the top will be in the gray). In order for your students to see your course, you must make the course available (preferably after you have finished the initial editing). To make the course available, go to the management menu (right side of screen) in the settings link under the option Course availability. After saving the settings, you will be required to confirm a declaration that the materials in the course site are original (that is to say: that you didn’t breach copyrights). Making the course available will turn its name at the top of the page to blue.

Uploading Files

Once you start editing the course site, you can drag files from your PC onto the page, and they will be added to the course’s home page. Each file that you add will appear at the end of the teaching unit to which you dragged it.  If it is a commonly used file (PDF, presentation, etc.), the file will also receive a compatible icon. After you have finished uploading the files, you can turn off Edit Mode.

Content Order on the Site

To organize the content that you uploaded to teaching units (or to move the content among various teaching units), you must first enable edit mode. Then, drag the item to its proper place using the small cross that appears to the right of each item.  Alternatively,  you can click on this cross and select the desired location from the list.

Adding Teaching Units

As the course progresses, you may want to add additional teaching units to represent different class sessions. This can be done directly from the main page when editing mode is activated. At the bottom, there is a button to add topics. Clicking on it will open a window where you can select how many units to add to your course. After you save your selection, empty units will be added to the course, according to the number of units you requested.

Editing Website Content

To change the names of the units or items on the course website, enter Edit mode and click the little pencil icon that appears next to the item you wish to edit. When done, press Enter to save the changes that you made. From the Edit menu on the left side of each item, you can delete unneeded items (when you delete a teaching unit, you are also deleting all of its contents).

There are other and various ways to organize course content. You should become familiar with them in order to present the course structure visually in the best way.
Need help? Contact Moodle Support Coordinators.

Best of Luck!