How do I avoid HTML tags in Gradebook Quick feedback and Assignment Feedback comments

In the Gradebook, if Quick feedback is enabled, feedback can be entered directly in the Grader report page (when editing is turned on).

If feedback has already been entered in the text editor in the Edit grade page for a particular student/grade, the Quick feedback field shows annoying HTML tags.

Likewise, in an Assignment, if feedback is entered using the text editor (on the page reached from the   gradefeedback  link on the View/grade all submissions  page) then, when Quick grading is enabled,  the Feedback comments field shows HTML tags.

In order to avoid HTML tags in both pages, in page Course grade settings of the Gradebook, set field Editor for feedback to Plain text editor.

Note 1: This won't fix existing feedback.

Note 2: In the Gradebook, Quick feedback is enabled in page My preferences/Grader report

            In an Assignment, Quick grading is enabled at the bottom of the View/grade all submissions  page

This is a Feature unique to HUJI Moodle.