Which editor should I use - Atto or TinyMCE

This information on this page is no longer valid. 

Atto is a new text editor, developed especially for Moodle.

TinyMCE is a mature editor, already in wide use for many years.

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The following list is under construction. Feedback will greatly be appreciated.


Atto advantages:

  • Equation editor tool works in all environments
  • Sophisticated Display text with correction marks tool

TinyMCE features missing from Atto:

  • Toggle full screen mode
  • Find and Find/replace
  • Font family  selector
  • Auto cleanup: Paste from Word  and Cleaup messy code
  • Non-breaking space insert

TinyMCE problems:

  • If  Direction right to left is set, and Align right is not set, the editor displays the text right-aligned. This is confusing because the text will not be right-aligned when later viewed in English mode.
  • Indent does not work when Align right  is set i.e. there is no way to right-ident i.e. to indent right-aligned text. Also, it does not seem to work when Direction right to left is set, and Align right is not set (see above). This is confusing because the text will be indented when later viewed in English mode. Note: In Atto, Indent entered in English mode is a left-indent, and in Hebrew mode is a right-indent, regardless of the editor settings.
  • Neither of the equation editors (Insert equation) works in all environments